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The team members of the Administration department in SAMAR’T have been trained to adapt to the latest technologies with a preparation that allows it to work with the most modern systems and programs, which guarantee a strict control and a perfect integration of the administration with the company’s manufacturing process for licence plates and signs. This not only allows us to ensure the development of an exceptional relationship with our clients and suppliers but is also the key link in communication at all levels.


SAMAR'T is in direct and permanent communication with our client. Our sales team is based around technicians who have a deep knowledge and understanding of the product most suited to each customer, as well as the client’s need for a constant evolution in terms of quality and productivity in the manufacture of licence plates.


Innovation, industrial design and the process for continuous improvement are the three strategic factors we apply at SAMAR’T for the development of our products. Our team has a cross-functional experience and has been trained to allow us to contribute the most recent developments in mechanical drawings, automation engineering and control or even graphic designs.


SAMAR´T, the European Leader in the manufacture of licence plates has a number of factories and logistic warehouses to manufacture and stock its products as well as the future development of our new production units.

  • Vilafant (Girona-Spain): 17.000 m², Main production plant

  • Vilafant (Girona-Spain): 5.000 m², Warehousing

  • Vilafant (Girona-Spain): 30.000 m² Landsite for expansion

  • París (France), Headquarters of our subsidiary with logistic centres based for example in Mâcon, Lyon, Ris-Orangis, Aubergenville and Strasbourg.