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In SAMAR’T, our wide range of processes in the manufacture of licence plates includes the following systems


Our metal injection department supplies finished parts to the licence plates division as well as other clients.


Our range of injection machines allows us to be present on the market with a wide range of thermoplastics products.


At SAMAR’T we have digital printing systems, to conceive all type of signs and signalling on flexible or rigid mounts, such as vehicle and security signs, special and personalized plates, labels etc. We also dispose of automatic and semi-automatic serigraphy lines as well as drying ovens which dry in continuous form.  


The printing of national or corporate logos is used by countries or states that desire to personalize their plates as a sign of distinction. This division also produces security elements that are fraud proof for countries that need special characteristics on their licence plates or other elements.


In our mechanized centre composed of milling machines, electro-erosion machines etc. guided by robots, SAMAR’T is able to manufacture all types of dies and moulds for our own internal use or even for external requirements of our customers.


For SAMAR’T, automation and innovation are the strength pillars for our strategy. For this a robotic driven park of presses allows us to manufacture all types of finishing on pressed products


Our completely automated coil coating painting lines allow us to extend our commercial borders as we can treat all types of metal, giving them a high quality and high resistance finish.


SAMAR’T has a large completely automated park of rolling mills – designed by our own engineers and fully developed in-house – in order to provide a high resistance and high quality finish to our different licence plates. We also manufacture this equipment for third parties.


The structure of our workshop allows the assembly and manufacture of the different types of machinery that SAMAR’T manufactures and sells, as well as for the use of different in-house projects. Our philosophy is focused around an increasing team-work to achieve a higher level of productivity of our resources.

In our machinery workshops, this philosophy is translated into small independent groups which are responsible for the preparation, assembly and tests of each and every machine.

The different types and finishing that SAMAR’T applies to its metallic products are possible thanks to our complete and diversified system of pressing machines and stamps.