Return Merchandise Authorization or RMA is the procedure used by Samar't to ensure the control of your merchandise and the speed of our technical service.

Returns or repairs not documented with a valid RMA will not be accepted, and also will be returned freight collect.

Before using our RMA system, make sure you have tried the following options:

  1. Check the instruction manual.
  2. Contact your supplier about the problem.
  3. Contact the Samar't technical department through the website or by phone.

If your product is still out of work you can use the RMA system offered by Samar't, following the steps:

Check if your product is under warranty:

Check with your supplier the conditions concerning warranty.

Samar't offers a 12 month warranty on all its products. To use this warranty it’s essential to have the invoice number and date of purchase, and the serial number.

NOTE: the procedure below covers returns, warranty repairs or beyond.

Product repair

To repair your product follow the procedure below:

  1. RMA request: please complete the RMA form of Samar't website. You will find it in this website.
  2. Obtaining RMA: Samar't will answer within a period of more less 24 hours (on weekdays), with an RMA number and a label. If the website form contains errors or some information is missing, this period could be extended.
  3. Return: The material has to be sent prepaid to the address that figures in the label, and appearing in a visible part of the package. The box should also contain a copy of this RMA.
  4. Return resolution: once the material is received, Samar't will proceed verifying and/or repairing it. As soon as the incident is resolved, Samar't will send out the item repaired freight collect.
  5. Even if the product is under warranty, the transport cost will be charged to the customer. The warranty does not apply in case of break or damage caused by transport, incorrect or improper installation of the product, non compliance of the instrument’s instructions, laceration or detachment of the serial number’s label.

NOTE: for out of warranty equipment, the Budget will remain active for a month, alter that period it will be returned freight cost.

If we haven’t received a response, or if it’s negative, 30€ + VAT will be charged as budgeting concept. If purchase of another product, 30 euros will not be billed.

Return of warranty product

For material returns, the product must be shipped in its box / original packaging in perfect condition. If original packaging is not received or if it is received in poor condition a penalty of 15% will apply.

On the other hand if the product is not new and in perfect condition the return will not be accepted.

RMA request:

Please complete the form below to obtain a RMA number, so that you can return us the material.

Once the form is filled (* obligatory fields) press “send”. Once your request is received we wil validate your information and you’ll obtain an RMA number.



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